Autumn Dawn - A 'True North Dolls of Canada' Limited Edition

$265.00 CAD

Price is $265 CDN (=$195 US)

As of January 30, 2024 this Limited Edition is now sold out!  Thank you for all your support with the first Maplelea-Ruby Red collaboration doll!

Autumn Dawn is the first in a new series of limited edition dolls called True North Dolls of Canada.

Step into the heart of Canada's wilderness with Autumn Dawn, the outdoor adventurer.  Inspired by Canada's past, Autumn Dawn is the modern embodiment of confidence, capability, and resilience.  She's the girl who can paddle a canoe, fell a tree, and dance under the Northern Lights.

Design was released October 18, 2023.  

Shipping started Dec. 19, 2023.

The second doll in the True North Dolls of Canada series is planned for Fall 2024.


1. Each doll is numbered on the back of the neck and comes with a matching Certificate of Authenticity.

2. Strictly limited to 250 dolls.

3. This is the first doll in a new series entitled "True North Dolls of Canada", sold exclusively by Ruby Red Dolls Canada by Maplelea.

4. Autumn Dawn has been designed by Kathryn Gallagher Morton, founder of Maplelea Canadian Girl Dolls, and is produced in conjunction with Ruby Red Fashion Friends.  It uses a face sculpt by renowned doll artist, Dianna Effner.

5.  The all-vinyl doll stands 14" tall and features 9 points of articulation, making it very versatile for posing.

6. Doll comes in a specially marked, rigid collector's box. 

7. The dark black-brown hair is styled with the hair decoration in place, and the wig is attached to the doll.  She has a centre part with a braid on her right side. 

8.She comes dressed in panties, with clothing separate, to allow you the fun of dressing her.


1. Highly detailed jeans with realistic fading and stress marks reflect a life of adventure.  Back pockets are embroidered with a maple leaf.

2. Red and black buffalo plaid shirt is reminiscent of Canada's lumberjack past, and has real buttons and buttonholes down the front and on cuffs.  Two pockets with flaps are on the front of the shirt.  Bottom hem has curved shirt-tails, perfect for wearing tucked in or out.

3. The hair decoration comes from nature--all wood beads, real feathers, and leather-like ties.

4. Tall moccasins with ties and fringe are perfect for exploring the Canadian wilderness.

5. A sherpa vest with suede-like trim keeps her warm from autumn when the colourful maple leaves start falling, right through to spring thaw when the maple sap starts flowing.  "CANADA" and a maple leaf are subtly embroidered in tone-on-tone on the left chest of her vest.

6. Canada's symbol, the red maple leaf, is proudly embroidered on her heather grey stocking mitts.

7. A mountain range and tree line encircle her traditional Canadian toque with pompom.

From the Rocky Mountains, across the Northern tundra, along raging rivers, and thorough vast forests,  Autumn Dawn represents the spirit and identity of the True North, the country called Canada!