RRFF Special Edition 5.5" Shan Doll

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At just 5.5 inches, the Shan Doll is the perfect pocket-sized companion, ideal for traveling and spontaneous photo shoots.

All about Shan

Shan is the adorable little brother of Ten Ping. In the 1950s, Ten Ping's family resided in Shanghai. Shan, the only boy in their family, was full of energy and occasionally mischievous. Each time they ventured out to play, there would inevitably be an incident involving him. Whether it was torn pants, ripped clothes, or even scratched and bleeding faces, Shan seemed to attract trouble. However, one particular incident occurred during a game of hide-and-seek that left him genuinely frightened. He had lost one of his shoes, and it was his only pair, rendering him unable to continue playing.

Determined to avoid the wrath of the adults and keep the mishap a secret, Ten Ping and Yu Ping embarked on a search mission. They scoured every place Shan had played, but their efforts proved fruitless. Suddenly, they caught wind of a broadcast announcing a lost child's shoe, which had been handed over to the local police station. Without hesitation, Ten Ping and Yu Ping hurried to the station and, to their relief, found Shan's missing shoe. They swiftly returned it to him, and his overwhelming gratitude brought tears to his eyes before he burst into laughter.

Though 65 years have passed since that memorable incident, Ten Ping still holds the memory close, as if it happened just yesterday.

Shan wears a cute outfit that reflects his mischievous nature - t-shirt, cardigan, underpants, jeans, socks, shoes and a first aid plaster that you can decide to apply or not! 

Shan has a cute fringed haircut. The mohair wig is glued on. You will find a level of detail and craftsmanship that is over-the-top exquisite!

Shan will be available for shipping in the beginning of August 2024

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