RRFF-LE-Rubina Limited Edition Doll

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Meet Rubina, the enchanting doll inspired by the timeless story of Little Red Riding Hood. With her double braids and captivating blue hazel eyes, Rubina exudes a sense of innocence and wonder.

Her outfit showcases the charm of the Lolita style, featuring a delightful patchwork dress with whimsical patterns and colors. Completing her ensemble is a white apron adorned with heart-shaped buttons and a checked ribbon, paying homage to the iconic attire of Little Red Riding Hood.

Rubina's look is accentuated by a red hooded cape, adding a touch of mystery and allure. Her white socks with a checked ribbon and T-strap red Mary Jane shoes complete her enchanting appearance.

Let Rubina transport you to the enchanting world of fairy tales as she embarks on her magical adventures!

RRF 14.5" Doll (Head sculpt: same as Avril) with blue eyes, removal brunette braided wig, dress, apron, hood, petticoat, socks, panties, shoes, basket and eggs

Limited Edition
Quantity: 250 worldwide

CDN $219.99  (=USD 169.99 )

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Ship Date: Mid March 2023