RRFF Doll: Alex - Ride The Wave

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Type: RRFF Doll
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Ride the Wave Alex is a surfer and entrepreneur. He spends his weekdays chasing the waves after school and working on his business, ‘Couch Surfer’. He came up with the idea when he noticed many beautiful surfboards were abandoned. He decided to give these boards a new lease of life by converting them into tables.

After he graduates, he wants to travel the world following big waves while honing his craft. Eventually, he wants to settle down on the coast and expand his business. Alex is passionate about saving our oceans from pollution and plastic waste.

Alex features medium blonde hair. He has beautiful hazel eyes and a sun-kissed complexion with freckles. He comes with his signature ‘Ride the Wave’ t-shirt, jeans, plaid flannel shirt, black knit cap, and sneakers.


※Doll approx 14" tall, 9 Joints, luxurious hair, high-quality vinyl body.

※Suitable for 6 years old or above. Conforms to safety requirement of ASTM-F963, EN-71

※Colors and patterns may vary