About Us


About Maplelea:

Maplelea is a line of premium 18 inch dolls that come with story journals that tell Canada's story, and encourage a child to tell their own. The wide range of outfits, accessories, doll furniture, and matching doll and child clothing reflects Canada's heritage, culture and geography.  Matching pajamas for the whole family including 18 inch doll and family pet are also available.

The Maplelea Canadian Girl brand belongs to Avonlea Traditions Inc., a Canadian owned and operated company founded in 1988 and based in Newmarket, Ontario.

Maplelea was created by Kathryn Gallagher Morton, the company's founder and president, and first came on the market in 2003.

Maplelea is thrilled to now be able to also offer the Ruby Red Dolls to Canada and beyond!

About Ruby Red Group:

Bought to you by founder and lead designer Ruby Ho, the Ruby Red Fashion Friends are a timeless line of adorable vinyl dolls. With a career spanning almost 40 years, Ruby is committed to delivering artful and unique designs, stories, and experiences. 

The Ruby Red Fashion Friends are a line of 14.5” dolls launched in 2019. They are fashion dolls with luxurious re-styleable wigs and unparalleled high-quality clothing. In 2021 the Fashion Friends were joined by the Siblies, their slightly shorter 12” line of sisters and brothers. The Fashion Friends and the Siblies boast nine points of articulation, making these dolls perfect for posing and playing. Each doll has a totally individual personality and style. Start your adventure with them today!