Introducing... Ruby Red!

Now available in Canada! We ship worldwide!

Adorable and fashionable, these premium quality collector dolls have 9 articulated joints, luxurious hair, and photogenic faces!

The Ruby Red FASHION FRIENDS are 14.5 inches tall. The Ruby Red SIBLIES, at 12 inches tall, are their younger brothers and sisters. Each has an adorable collection of outfits and accessories!

In the world of Ruby Red, it is always Fashion, Friendship, and Fun!!

Welcome to Canada Ruby Red!

Ruby Red Fashion Friends OUTFITS

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Introducing... Ruby Red Siblies!

At 12 inches tall, these are the little sisters and brothers of the Ruby Red Fashion Friends. They are fully posable, and can even stand on their own. With 9 points of articulation, they are ready for any adventure!

Ruby Red Siblies OUTFITS

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