RRFF Doll: Jada - Voice of the Future

$159.99 CAD
Type: RRFF Doll

Price: $159.99 CDN (=$129.99 US)

Voice of the Future Jada stands up for what she believes in and always makes her opinion heard. Jada knows that by advocating for important issues close to her heart, she can improve the lives of friends and strangers alike! Jada is a blossoming singer, musician, and dancer. She loves writing and performing jazz, R&B, and hip-hop music in front of roaring crowds. When she is older, she wants to be an activist who changes the world through the lyrics of her songs.

Voice of the Future Jada has large brown eyes, a beautiful brown complexion, and long curly black hair styled into a trendy bubble braid held by a neon-green floral tie. 

She arrives wearing a bright green tank top emblazoned with her signature phrase “Voice of the Future”, a tiered green tutu, and green polka-dot leggings. Her shoes are made from a pearlescent silver material that glitters under the spotlight. 

Jada’s look is unique, funky, and eye-catching. Her frothy tulle skirt and long curled mane make sure she stands out on the stage!


※Doll approx 14" tall, 9 Joints, luxurious hair, high-quality vinyl body.

※Suitable for 6 years old or above. Conforms to safety requirement of ASTM-F963, EN-71

※Colors and patterns may vary